A personal session with Laura typically lasts between 1- 2 hours (2-3 hours for newborns), but there is no set time limit. There are many factors that can determine the length of a session, but her ultimate goal is bring out the very best in her subjects. Laura takes the time to interact with her clients and strives to create comfort and trust. She will only begin photographing after she has spent some time getting to know you and your child. Sessions with young children sometimes require a little play time with Laura before any photos are taken. This allows her to capture the child’s honest expressions in a very candid and spontaneous way.

Please feel free to bring any snacks that your child may need. You may take breaks as needed for bathroom trips, snacks, etc. Also please don’t feel offended if Laura asks you to step out of the room, or if she asks you to watch from a distance. Children are often more comfortable and focused when they are one on one. This also helps to get pictures of the child looking at the camera rather than over the photographer's shoulder.

Please schedule your toddler or young child's session at the time of day they are the most rested. Newborn sessions are best scheduled within the first 10 days, and are also best photographed sleeping. That being said she understands that newborns under 10 days rarely have much of a schedule. Laura has been working with infants for many, many years. She knows infants run on their own schedules.

What to Wear

When it comes to dressing your kids, just let them be kids! Laura prefers to photograph children in comfortable clothes.  Laura has a short list of do’s and don’ts that might help you in preparing for the session.

Do dress your kids in:

- comfortable clothes

- favorite jeans

- funky hats–Hats photograph well!

- bright colors - try to avoid solid red or magenta

- favorite outfits

- bare feet

Please don’t dress your kids in:

- uncomfortable formal clothes

- clothing with cartoon characters

- large logos

- big hair clips or bows

- all white shirts when doing outdoor photos

You will be provided with a "What to Wear Guide" at the time of booking.  It can help give you some additional ideas.   

Remember, the subject of the photography is the child, not the "cute" clothes. Less can be more. Above all, your child needs to be comfortable. You’ll get many more smiles with comfortable clothes and bare feet than you ever will with over sized bows and holiday dresses. Feel free to bring multiple changes of clothing for your child to your session. Again, just let your kids be kids!